Woven Polyester Strapping

There are a variety of new types of strap using composite, bonded or woven material (polyester or plastic). We have found these products to be appropriate for many applications, when replacing steel strapping.

These products use phosphated buckles (to prevent slippage of the strap) and should be used with an appropriate poly tool. Contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss other kinds of composite, bonded, woven or cord strap.


Item Number Color Width Break Length
PE40BT White 1/2” 1200 3900’


Item Number Color Width Break Length Weight
PE65WLMDT: 2 coils/box Orange 3/4” 2250 1650’ 42#/box
PEW011 -2600T: 4 coils/bx Yellow 1-1/2” 4350 600’ 51#/box
PEW011 -4660T: 4 coils/bx Yellow 1-1/4” 3250 660 51#/box
PEW011 -42250AC White 1-1/4” 3285 2250 40