Truck Straps

Truck straps and accessories are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us.

Cargo Straps

Item Number Size Break Comments
STT557 2”X27’ 10M With Ratchet/FH
STT2122710 2”X27’ 10M With Flat Hook
STT2123010 2”X30’ 10M With Flat Hook
STT21327 3”X27’ 15M With Flat Hook
STT21330 3”X30’ 15M With Flat Hook
STT21427 4”X27’ 20M With Flat Hook
STT21430 4”X30’ 20M With Flat Hook

You may substitute D-Rings or Wire Hooks on the above.


Item Number Comments
STT112 Weld-on, Dbl. Pawl, holds 30’
STT1120 Weld-on, Sing. Pawl, holds 30’
STT112S Slider, Holds 30’
STT1122 Portable, Holds 30’

Slider Track

Item Number Comments
STT3124 Steel, 4’
STT3126 Steel, 6’
STT31210 Steel, 10’