Stainless Steel

We stock stainless type 200/201. All stainless steel is sold by the roll.

If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us.

Stainless Steel

Size Item Number Length
3/8”X.020 SS3820IM 200’
1/2”X.015 SS1215IM 200’
1/2”X.030 SS1230IM / ISO 100’
5/8”X.030 SS5830IM / ISO 100’
3/4”X.030 SS3430IM / ISO 100”


Size Item Number Quantity
1/2” BSSST254ISO 100/box
5/8” BSS5865IM 100/box
3/4” BSS3465IM 100/box

Always use these buckles for the designated sizes.

Wing Seals

Size Item Number Comments
3/8”: 100/box SLSSW038IM This seal always used with 3/8” stainless strap.
3/4”: 100/box SLSSW034IM We recommend this seal in certain situations as an alternative to the buckle above.


Type Item Number Comments
C001 Screw Type TSC001IM This tensioner will work with all stocked sizes of stainless.