As our name implies we are specialists in all types of steel and plastic strapping. But we are much more than that!

We have tried to specialize in areas of industrial packaging where our products are used to secure and protect your products, as they are palletized and packaged for shipping.

We supply products in the following areas:

Steel including Regular Duty, High Tensile, stainless, galvanized, zinc coated and Rotterdam

Polypropylene including all types of hand grade and machine grade

Polyester including all types of hand grade and machine grade.

Woven or cord strapping which goes under a variety of names such as woven, cord, composite or bonded.

Of course, we also supply all types of seals, buckles and corner protection.

In related areas, we supply stretch wrap, shrink wrap and truck dunnage bags

Please look at our other product category to see other items we supply such as pallet covers, custom labels, mail tubes, protective films and much more!