Maintenance Service

In the past 12 months, we have performed hundreds of maintenance and service operations. Most of these maintenance services were provided on hand tools that were sent to us or picked up within our calling area.

Repair of Hand Tools

If you have tools to send us, send them via FEDEX or UPS to our location, shipping pre-paid. We will work on the tools and if needed, call you with an estimate or to provide alternatives (if the cost to repair the tool, parts and labor, is greater than half the cost of a new tool, we recommend buying the new tool.)

We can usually repair and ship out tools within 1-2 days of receiving them. We will send them back to you, shipping pre-paid and will invoice you for the parts, labor and shipping.

Stocking Spare Parts

We stock a full line of parts for normal repair activities. These parts include normal wear parts such as feed-wheels, cutters, springs, etc. If you do some repairs and maintenance yourself, and would like to purchase the spare parts you need, contact us to determine your needs and for us to quote on your requirements.

On-Site Service

We can provide on-site service within a 75 mile radius of Jacksonville for bigger strapping machines, stretch wrappers, etc. Outside this service area, we recommend sending the machine to us, we will repair it, and send it back to you. (This usually takes about 5 work days.)

Types of Tools and Machines We Service

We service and repair all brands of strapping tools including ACME, TITAN, SIGNODE, MIP, FROMM, JK, PAC, ORGAPAK, DELTA, and DYNARIC to name some of the more popular brands.

If you have questions about the parts we stock, the repairs that we perform or about an estimate for charges, please contact us.